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TLSv1.2 impact on IBM i Business Partner Communications

As an IBM i independent software vendor (ISV), our software solutions are designed around the functionality available with the base IBM i operating system. With the inception of TLSv1.2 as the new standard of secure communications, many of our customers have been exposed to changes and potential disruptions in their usage of applications from business partners who are also migrating their solutions to a TLSv1.2 secure standard.

In regard to credit card communication providers, Verifone is migrating existing users from their Payware Transact solution to Payware Connect.  CyberSource is requiring adoption of TLSv1.2 by July.  Be proactive and talk to your specific business partners about their plans to switch to TLSv1.2.

So what is TLSv1.2 anyway? 

TLSv1.2 is the latest and greatest version of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. It is deemed more secure than all of the previous versions for various technical reasons. The US government recommends TLSv1.2 be the only SSL protocol used. A transition phase is needed by most applications where TLSv1.2 is supported in addition to the older protocols rather than in place of them.

How does the TLSv1.2 standard impact usage of Krengeltech products?

  • RPG-XML Suite:  If you are currently utilizing RPG-XML Suite on IBM i 6.1 or older to communicate with a business partner who is migrating their web service API to a TLSv1.2 standard, your communication will be disrupted.
  • CyberSource Toolkit for i:  If you currently utilize Krengeltech’s CyberSource Toolkit for i on IBM i 6.1 or older, communications with CyberSource will no longer function as of June 30, 2016.
  • UPS Toolkit for i:  Communications with UPS will be disrupted as of May 31, 2016 if on IBM i 6.1 or older.

Essentially, if you are currently running IBM i 6.1 or older, your operating system does not support TLSv1.2 and you need to be prepared and plan accordingly.  

I’m running on IBM i 7.1.  How do I ensure TLSv1.2 is supported?

IBM has provided documentation to assist.  Please review this page.

I’m running on IBM i 7.2.  Does 7.2 already support TLSv1.2?


Are there other options if I cannot upgrade my OS from IBM i 6.1?

Potentially, yes.  Depending on your individual situation, Krengeltech’s professional services team may be able to provide a solution to ensure communications with your business partners remain uninterrupted and secure to the TLSv1.2 standard.

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