Customer Praise for RPG-XML Suite

“After exploring a variety of options, we landed on RPG-XML Suite and decided to give the free trial a go; we utilized the free proof of concept to prove its excellence. Continental Express is a large trucking company, and our legacy system uses many complex API’s, including EDI transactions and reporting data with positional updates every minute to customers. We utilized RPG-XML Suite in undertaking our largest project, a new IOS app developed in-house to replace the current form of communication (Qualcomm) in all our trucks.

With the assistance of RPG-XML Suite, we’re creating internal JSON exit points for our IOS app that are quickly implemented in IOS code. The RXS integrations are fast and reliable, and the JSON integrations can be created in under 5 minutes using data parsed and updated to DB2 without any problems. If not for RXS the task would have taken longer and likely, not given as robust a result. Frankly, other “free” tools on the market do not offer the same support or reliability for future releases. With RPG-XML Suite supplementing our iSeries environment’s security, we are more confident in our overall data security.

The support team for RPG-XML Suite is very knowledgeable and their response time is better than the rest. I would recommend it to any iSeries company.”

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Ron Koontz
- Continental Express, Inc

“RPG-XML Suite is an excellent tool. I first came across the tool when working on an application for a customer that runs several hundred Web Service transactions each day. I was using an open source tool originally and ran into some major problems with reliability at peak times. I went looking for a commercial package and installed the trial. Installation was complete in minutes, and the tool plugged in very easily to my application. Immediately, my problems were solved. RPG-XML Suite had all of the features I needed and always performed reliably – even at peak times. I immediately recommended it to my customer and they have not had a failed transaction since. Since then, I have recommended RPG-XML Suite to many satisfied customers and will continue to do so in the future.”

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David Russo
- Profound Logic Software, Inc.

“I followed some example code on your website and have a simple app up and running very similar to what my client needs. I just need to adapt it to their JD Edwards World Database. Your software is making me look like a hero!”

Carl Galgano, EDI Consulting

“With the help of RPG-XML Suite I was able to cut my personal project time in half. RPG-XML Suite is a proven toolset that allows for easy creation of XML web services from RPG. I’d recommend it to anyone on the iSeries / System i platform because it runs natively in RPG with Apache giving it excellent performance!”

Bruce ‘Hoss’ Collins, Houston County

“I just wanted to take a few moments and say thanks for the help with the web service. I have it working now and we are creating tickets from the XML data. Really cool stuff! Thanks!”

Brad Abernathy, Sunbelt Rentals

“I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent support. Issues that arose not related to RPG-XML Suite would have brought this project to a screeching halt if not for your quick and knowledgeable response. We have similar projects on the horizon and after this experience I have the confidence that we/you can handle anything that comes up.”

Paul Nardi, Appcon Consultants

“RPG-XML Suite was an integral solution in our latest project with CT Logistics in Cleveland, Ohio – a third-party service provider of freight related post audit, pre-audit, business intelligence and transportation management consulting. Using the FreitRater® product allows us to pass rate requirements via XML to their web service, then parse the reply, retrieving rates, mileage, surcharges, etc., that have been auto-calculated from FreitRater®. Once all of our rate matrices are entered into FreitRater®, using the power of RPG-XML Suite makes processing web service data a breeze!”

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Phil Knox
- Lone Star Transportation

“RPG-XML Suite enables us to communicate from our AS400 real-time with our credit vendors, and the implementation was quick and easy. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Margaret Yung, Spartan Insurance

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so helpful during our process. Apart from the functionality of the product, you have largely sold your product to us through the support you have shown.”

Mark Briggs, Pfizer Australia

“Thanks for your help and for the product. I’d still be writing my own parser if it wasn’t for your product.”

Jim Staub, Perform Group LLC

“Utilizing RPG-XML Suite with great guidance from the Krengeltech support team we successfully consume UPS web services to create electronic return labels. This is the best package support I’ve received from my 15 years of AS400/iSeries experience.”

Alla Ginzburg, Fidelitone

“We decided to try the free trial and contacted Krengeltech to support us through implementing a proof of concept. They got us started with some skeleton code for composing (Outbound) and de-composing (Inbound) XML. Within a matter of days I had adapted the code to work with our own systems and had a working compose/de-compose proof of concept which produced XML Files – validated with the browser and bank. The support and communication I received from Krengeltech for this was second to none. Furthermore I would also say that the design and general concepts of RPG-XML Suite potentially saved months of development time. Having worked on developing soft-coded utilities over the years, I could safely say that, had I the time, this would have been the exact approach I would have taken. The design concept is very impressive.

RPG-XML Suite is unique. It is purely aimed at RPGLE developers, with no need for any other programming skills – including a very small learning curve.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this product. I currently have this project in user acceptance testing being hammered by a team of 20 testers. It is the biggest and most important project for the company. RPG-XML Suite has been great – no problems or issues. In fact, the proof of concept code has since been easily adaptable for even the most complex conditional XML. It works, and it stays that way. I found the support extremely helpful and responsive to my needs. Not only that, I’m a purist at heart and some of the developments I have seen over the years for client-server applications quite frankly make me weep. RPG-XML Suite is top quality – and I’m not easy to please.”

RSA Insurance Logo

Michael Nolan
- RSA Insurance