JSON vs XML, Part 1: XML in RPG

Image of Keyboard + XML Flag for Developing XML in RPG

What’s the difference? JSON vs XML: when did these data formats originate, and how are they used in RPG (and development in general)? Both have a tremendous history behind them and are either derived from or parent to a variety of other means to hold data. This article will draw a few mentions to content […]

New! Compiled Templates for RPG-XML Suite

Kids Building Blocks

Change (or in this case, updates) can be so, so good! Beginning with v3.0 of RPG-XML Suite, Krengeltech has introduced a new and improved method to create XML in RPG via a template. We like to call this new method “compiled templates” and it has some great advantages: Accessing the IFS at run time is eliminated […]

Address Validation with RPG-XML Suite

Shipping Boxes on Ready for Address Validation

When your business depends on shipping and mailing, a lot rides on the accuracy of your address data. Fortunately, many of the biggest names in the shipping industry offer address validation web services, and RPG-XML Suite

Rest easy with full REST web service support in RPG-XML Suite 3.2

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RPG-XML Suite Version 3.2 Officially Released Since the January 2014 introduction of the new RXS3 API and its improvements, our RPG-XML Suite customers have continued to make suggestions for even more features and new functionality. At Krengeltech we embrace these suggestions to allow developers to leverage their existing RPG skills and couple them with newer, […]

Handling XML Reserved Characters

'System Error' over Matrix Letters

One of the more common support questions we receive from RPG-XML Suite users is: How can I use XML reserved characters in my XML request or response? The following XML produces parsing errors: <CompanyName>Smith & Doe Incorporated</CompanyName> What do I do? The questioner is referring to the characters “&” and “<“, although sometimes he/she believes […]

Cloud 9 Telephony Integration with Five9

Five9 Logo on Clouds

As we continue to explore the business partners RPG-XML Suite is used to communicate with, this month leaves us on Cloud 9 with Five9! One of our existing customers is currently utilizing web services by Five9 to integrate and automate their internal call-center telephony processes. How can Five9 help you?  Here’s an overview. Built-in Customizability Five9 is […]

Configuring your next Audi with RPG-XML Suite

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I’m always interested in learning more about the business benefits that our software delivers out in the field.  I’m even more interested when the field involves fast German cars. I’ve purchased one new car in my life – with full mental realization of an immediate 10% depreciation after the drive off the lot was complete. […]

EchoSign it – Obtaining Electronic Signatures with RPG-XML Suite

Adobe EchoSign Logo

NOTE: Adobe EchoSign is now Adobe Sign Nearly every company requires documents to be signed in order to facilitate business transactions.  Some require hundreds or thousands to be processed daily.  Gone is the day of the fax machine.  Even a document scanner that facilitates the exchange of signed documents via email can be perceived as […]

Understanding cXML, or Commerce XML

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Occasionally we receive questions asking whether RPG-XML Suite handles cXML. While the answer is “Yes!”, this post is intended to provide some background information about just what cXML consists of, and how it compares and relates to standard XML. First of all, it’s important to understand that cXML is XML.  To restate more precisely, cXML […]

SOAP, WSDL, HTTP, XSD? What the?

Computer Screens Showing API Code

Man alive, this web services stuff is confusing! Every time I turn around, I hear about a new acronym that is supposed to somehow fit into the so-called next generation of communication. The number of acronyms and concepts related to web services can seem diabolical to the novice. But you don’t have to quit your […]