Composing JSON with RPG-XML Suite 3.4

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RPG-XML Suite opens your IBM i to web services everywhere, but to create JSON in RPG, you’ll first need to know how. After Krengeltech’s release of RPG-XML Suite version 3.4.0, we have added numerous features and bugfixes, enhancing RPG-XML Suite’s parsing and composition APIs. Because of these changes, we’re updating some of our most perennial […]

Address Validation with RPG-XML Suite

Shipping Boxes on Ready for Address Validation

When your business depends on shipping and mailing, a lot rides on the accuracy of your address data. Fortunately, many of the biggest names in the shipping industry offer address validation web services, and RPG-XML Suite

Implementing Level II and Level III Credit Card Data on IBM i

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When I use my credit card, I don’t give a second thought to the data being passed every time I swipe it.  I know the funds are going to be sent to the company I’m doing business with, and I’m on the hook to pay for it.  In every transaction I’ve made using my credit […]

RPG Order Entry, Credit Cards & First Data

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This past month we were contacted by a company running on IBM i. The question: Can you help me process credit cards using First Data from our legacy RPG order entry system? The answer: Absolutely! RPG-XML Suite can be used to facilitate XML communications from RPG with any business partner that offers an XML web […]

Handling XML Reserved Characters

'System Error' over Matrix Letters

One of the more common support questions we receive from RPG-XML Suite users is: How can I use XML reserved characters in my XML request or response? The following XML produces parsing errors: <CompanyName>Smith & Doe Incorporated</CompanyName> What do I do? The questioner is referring to the characters “&” and “<“, although sometimes he/she believes […]

Cloud 9 Telephony Integration with Five9

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As we continue to explore the business partners RPG-XML Suite is used to communicate with, this month leaves us on Cloud 9 with Five9! One of our existing customers is currently utilizing web services by Five9 to integrate and automate their internal call-center telephony processes. How can Five9 help you?  Here’s an overview. Built-in Customizability Five9 is […]

Processing Unicode Natively with RPG-XML Suite

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One of the design goals for our newest version of RPG-XML Suite was to allow for smoother handling of character sets, also referred to as CCSID’s.  We’ve seen that many developers are communicating with systems using Unicode character sets such as UTF-8.  In many cases, there’s a need to be able to natively process Unicode […]

Striking it Big with StrikeIron Web Services

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Note: StrikeIron has changed ownership, and is now Informatica. In a recent customer survey, StrikeIron was mentioned as a leading business partner that RPG-XML Suite users utilize.  StrikeIron offers many web services you can take advantage of to enrich and improve the quality of your IBM i business customer data.  What kind of specific web […]

EchoSign it – Obtaining Electronic Signatures with RPG-XML Suite

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NOTE: Adobe EchoSign is now Adobe Sign Nearly every company requires documents to be signed in order to facilitate business transactions.  Some require hundreds or thousands to be processed daily.  Gone is the day of the fax machine.  Even a document scanner that facilitates the exchange of signed documents via email can be perceived as […]

SOAP, WSDL, HTTP, XSD? What the?

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Man alive, this web services stuff is confusing! Every time I turn around, I hear about a new acronym that is supposed to somehow fit into the so-called next generation of communication. The number of acronyms and concepts related to web services can seem diabolical to the novice. But you don’t have to quit your […]