Consistently Improving Development

The demands and challenges facing IBM i developers change at a rapid pace. You need software that can keep up with those changes.

Here’s an example: When IBM announced support for 16MB field lengths in RPG, we knew our customers would want to leverage this new capability. Prior to this increase in field size, content that exceeded the old limit of 64K had to be placed into stream files for further processing. This was not ideal in many ways since it required extra resources and time to process on-disk data versus in-memory data. Plus it required additional coding and purging of the stream file data.

So when we developed the all new RXS3 API, we took advantage of the good work our partner IBM had built for the IBM I community. The RXS3 API has full support for 16MB fields and while you can still store your data in stream files if you like, you can now do so only when your requirements drive the decision – instead of a technology limitation.

Here’s another example: While all IBM i machines have a character set defined for use as the default system character set, it’s a common need to process data from other systems that has been assembled in character sets other than the default that was set. So RXS3 was designed to allow different character sets to be converted as needed and according to the individual requirements of the situation. So the data you need is in UTF-8? No problem. ISO-8859-1? No problem? Is the default for your system set to Polish EBCIDIC? No problem. While the rules for character conversion still apply and not every character will have an exact match in all other character sets, RPG-XML Suite delivers the best character set handling possible.

We strive to keep RPG-XML Suite as current and relevant as possible. So do you have what you feel is a common need within web services that is not being met by RPG-XML Suite?  Contact us and let us help.