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Striking it Big with StrikeIron Web Services

Note: StrikeIron has changed ownership, and is now Informatica.

In a recent customer survey, StrikeIron was mentioned as a leading business partner that RPG-XML Suite users utilize.  StrikeIron offers many web services you can take advantage of to enrich and improve the quality of your IBM i business customer data.  What kind of specific web services are available?  Here’s a sampling:

  • Email verification
  • Address verification
  • Phone validation
  • Reverse phone/address verification
  • Sales tax calculation
  • SMS mobile messaging

Let’s dig into them!

Email Verification

Here’s how the email verification service can be used:

  • Validate an email address typed into an ecommerce web form at checkout in real-time while the customer is still engaged and can make a correction prior to submitting the form
  • Cleanse all of your email addresses in one batch prior to delivery of an email campaign
  • Validate email addresses at a point-of-sale terminal in a retail store while the customer is present
  • As customer service reps take email addresses over the phone, empower them to know what they have keyed into your internal database is correct while the customer is still on the phone

See sample code and obtain a WSDL here.

Address Verification

  • Eliminate the postage cost incurred by attempting to deliver postal mail to incorrectly maintained physical addresses
  • Integrate into any website, web form, ecommerce shopping cart, point-of-sale platform, CRM system, or other business application

input_outputSee sample code and obtain a WSDL here.

Phone Validation

  • Validate both area code and prefix of phone numbers in US and Canada at time of entry
  • Provides city, county, and state of the phone number, as well as the ZIP code and the quantity of phone numbers that exist in the area
  • Integrates into any call center technology, website, web form, ecommerce shopping cart, point-of-sale platform, CRM system, or other business application

See sample code and obtain a WSDL here.

Reverse Phone/Address Verification

  • Obtain correct name, postal address, and other demographics with either a phone number or postal address
  • Append additional contact data and enrich your internal database which was initially populated with only partial customer information
  • Fill in contact information gaps from marketing activities like trade shows in which only partial prospect data was collected

See sample code and obtain a WSDL here.

Sales Tax Calculation

  • Calculate sales and use tax based on city, state, and county jurisdictions for US and Canadian locations – including shipping and handling taxes
  • Provide tax estimates while customers shop – and a corrected total upon checkout
  • Rooftop accuracy for every ship-to address
  • Pre-integrated with specific ecommerce shopping carts including Magento Commerce
  • Integrate with existing legacy applications

See sample code and obtain a WSDL here.

SMS Mobile Messaging

  • Provide instant, important, and timely communications to customers
  • Utilize the Mobile ID API to identify if phone numbers are land lines or mobile numbers
  • Configure 2-way messaging to interact with customers in a fashion and medium they prefer
  • Integrate existing applications with the SMS Mobile Messaging API using either SOAP or REST

See sample code and obtain a WSDL here.

The solutions mentioned above are only a sampling of what StrikeIron has to offer.  Check out the full breath of their services at  If you have any questions on how you can use the RPG-XML Suite toolset to communicate with any of them, simply Contact Us to help you out!