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Most customers begin their journey with RPG-XML Suite though the proof of concept, or POC process. Rather than offering a live demo or pdf, we at Krengeltech offer a POC, which works like a live demo, but takes things a step further.

With a POC, you will receive a 100% free customized demonstration of RPG-XML Suite. That means you can try RXS with no commitment required. We do this to give you complete assurance that RXS is the product you need. RPG-XML Suite is designed to be accessible to any people in the IT sector. Whether you are a C-level executive, a project manager, or an RPG developer, RXS is your no-risk, no-obligation ticket to IBM i web services.


How does it work?

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The proof of concept process is straightforward, and as described above, works as a free customized demonstration of RPG-XML Suite. This process often involves only a few small steps. After filling out the form below, someone from the Krengeltech sales team will contact you to schedule a discovery call. 

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From there, you’ll have the chance to tell us about your program requirements. For instance, you may need to call a REST API or SOAP web service to consume that resource’s XML; in another instance you may need to send out an encoded shipping manifest to a client in Japan; or in another example, you may need to expose your IBM i to receiving JSON POST requests, to which your iSeries sends a JSON response. All of these are examples of what a proof of concept can get you. Essentially, our team builds out a custom RXS program tailored to your needs. This often gives new customers a springboard for using RXS in their RPG web service environment.

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You get a free program using RPG-XML Suite!

After trying out the proof of concept, it’s left to you to decide the next steps. This is a big part of the free, no-commitment approach – you get to determine the pace. If you want to use RXS, great! We can generate a quote for your team to sign on. The RPG-XML Suite development team will be ready to help answer any questions you have on feasibility, product resources, and RPG-XML Suite’s capabilities.

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How do I try it?

You can try RPG-XML Suite at no cost by filling out the form below, and feel free to let us know about your situation or topics you would like to address when discussing your proof of concept. For example, your project requirements, APIs to connect to, RXS’s product capabilities, etc. We’re known for prompt responses, so let us know if you have any questions, and a member of our sales team will get back to you right away.

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