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What are RXS Professional Services?

RXS Professional Services are one of the quickest ways to deploy RPG-XML Suite within your web services environment. With it, you can hire the RXS development team to build out your next API program, product, or feature. Krengeltech’s programming team has decades of combined expertise in ILE software development, and can take on the numerous technical and nuanced challenges that come along the way.

What are some examples?

You're the VP of IT for an international logistics and distribution company...

And you are now assigning your distribution centers to adopt new security measures when communicating with inventory databases while fetching sensitive information (such as user data, payroll numbers, sales statistics, and more). Centers must now send a verification token, user name, and password along with every call to their respective database. Your new security measures instruct that usernames and passwords be AES256 encrypted, formatted in JSON, and sent via HTTP POST. Furthermore, centers will need to create a timestamp as a unique key value every time they request information from their target database.

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You're an application project manager for a mid-size hotel chain...

And you’ve been tasked with finding a solution to replace the current visitor booking system. Management has a variety of requirements for successful booking: first, to check if a visitor is already registered, and if not, to create a new visitor database entry; second, to update a visitor’s information upon their request; and third, to delete a customer’s information from the database upon their request. Every time a receptionist fills out the customer information form at their terminal, your program will get called, along with an XML request to update the customer database. After getting the request, your program will process it, and send an appropriate “success” or “error” response.

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You're an RPG developer running an established business that's really taken off...

And you need to large quantities of XML documents to process all the new product sales. The XML you’re creating includes details across the board – with information ranging from what the product is, to where it’s going, to when it’s going to get there. What’s more, you need to parse checkout information for all the new purchase requests coming in. You’ve worked with RPG-XML Suite before, but now is the time you’re calling for an extra hand while taking on a new project. 

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How can we help you?

To try RXS Professional Services for yourself, fill out the form below. Customers seeking professional services will most often have RPG-XML Suite already installed on their IBM i / AS400. New RXS customers can benefit from purchasing Professional Services hours along with their RXS license in order to get their web service environments up and running.

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