XML and JSON Parsing


For nearly two decades, Krengeltech has built RPG-XML Suite (RXS) into what it is today – software designed to help you make the most out of your web service communication, trusted by customers all over the world. With RXS, you can easily parse incoming XML and JSON on your IBM i by using its commands, utilities, and subprocedures.

Our software is trusted for its versatility, which is why our customers use RXS’s data parsing capabilities. XML and JSON data is sent between servers every day. When you consume a web service call, you’ll often need to use its data; whether in your program’s logic, a database, the construction of an HTTP response, RXS parsing lets you do just that.

Imagine that your business sends out an API call, and you’re expecting a response – a response that ends up being thousands of lines long. And you think, “How am I going to handle all of this data?” Normally you might use XML-INTO, XML-SAX, or DATA-INTO to handle the incoming XML and JSON, but that often leads to large complex or confusing scenarios when working with large documents, especially when XML namespaces are involved.

Having a quick means to handle incoming data has a cascading effect: by speeding up your processes now, or by reducing their complexity, you’ll have more time to work on other future programs, which directly impacts revenue.

The means?


Our team has seen businesses face complex issues, so we’ve developed convenient, robust parsing methods to streamline your data handling processes, all in native RPG.

  • Utilize RPG-XML Suite’s BLDPRS command to quickly build a parsing subroutine to easily handle and parse out your XML or JSON data
  • The RXS parsing APIs allow you to call your parsing subroutine and handle your data
  • Use the RXS DOM parsing subprocedures to handle smaller XML documents

With RPG-XML Suite’s diverse data handling API’s, you’ll soon be able to handle massive amounts of data in a quick, intuitive, easy-to-use fashion. 

By purchasing RPG-XML Suite, our team will provide you with two hours of monthly support to help guide you and troubleshoot issues holding back your program’s development. Check out our documentation site to learn more about XML parsing or our tutorial blog post here which highlights the capabilities of the JSON parsing APIs.

Do you want to parse XML and JSON with RPG-XML Suite, but need to test it out first?

We’re here to help!

We offer a FREE, no-commitment proof of concept to new customers interested in RXS, giving you an opportunity to try our software and see if it fits your business needs. Simply click the button below, and we will get back to you quickly, further hashing out your project requirements and developing a timeline to completion.