API Communication on your IBM i

Web services are an increasingly important part of providing a modern IT environment of communication for your business trading partners.

RPG-XML Suite is a development toolset to quickly build & offer web services on your IBM i.  By utilizing code generators and APIs to process incoming XML request data and build an XML response, serving your RPG-XML Suite-enhanced RPG programs to the world behind the stability and security of the Apache Web Server becomes seamless.

  • Provide a communication path for business partners to access real-time business data from your DB2 database
  • Retire older, out-dated methods of communication like FTP’ing flat files – which result in slower, less efficient business processes
  • Stop batch processing which adds unnecessary delays to your business, customers, and partners.  Real-time is the new normal.
  • Leverage the rock-solid business code & logic you have accumulated over time and extend the value it provides to your trading partners
  • Moving business logic into web services is a natural choice – delivering the most value from the investment you have made in your existing business code
  • Hang your hat on the stability of the IBM i platform – it’s no wonder that so many businesses have built their entire IT infrastructure around IBM i. With the uptime and stability inherent within IBM i, risk is nearly eliminated.
  • Web services are cross-platform by nature.  Almost any programming language can parse and compose XML.  Regardless of whether your business partner is running IBM i, Linux, or Windows, they’ll be able to consume the web services you offer, dramatically extending the life and value of your investment in RPG.
  • Web services in RPG simply make more sense.  Why add Java or PHP into the mix when all your existing RPG developers need is an efficient development toolset?  Forget the additional overhead, failure points, labor cost, and ramp-up time associated with the alternatives.

Not completely sure how to get started?

No problem.  Our RPG-XML Suite development team is able to provide any type of assistance necessary to complement your existing resources and time lines. Contact us to learn more!