Web Service Implementations


RPG-XML Suite is used by businesses running on the IBM i platform to facilitate XML communications with today’s most commonly used web service providers.

RPG-XML Suite makes it simple to connect with a multitude of the largest web service providers to strengthen your business against the competition.

Below are a few examples of web services we have integrated with RPG-XML Suite.

Google 200x100

Google.  The Google maps API web services contain a collection of HTTP interfaces to Google services providing geographic data for your maps applications.  This collection includes the following APIs:  Directions API, Distance Matrix API, Elevation API, Geocoding API, Time Zone API, and the Places API.  Further documentation on all of the available web services can be found here https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/webservices/.



Amazon.  Amazon provides a wide range of enterprise class web services for businesses in categories including networking, storage, content delivery, analytics, mobile services and more.  Some common services include Amazon EC2, Amazon Glacier, Amazon S3, Amazon MWS, and many more.  Check out what you can do with Amazon.com by reviewing documentation here https://aws.amazon.com/documentation/?nc1=h_d_dm.



CyberSource.  CyberSource provides an intuitive API that can be used to facilitate all aspects of credit card processing from IBM i.  Due to customer demand, a stand-alone module for RPG-XML Suite is available for our IBM i customers who desire to utilize CyberSource for their credit card communications.  For more information, visit our technical wiki here http://isupport.krengeltech.com/krengel_credit_cybersource/start  .


authorize.net Authorize.Net.  Authorize.Net is a registered trademark of Cybersource – a Visa company.  Typically better suited for lower transaction volumes than CyberSource, Authorize.Net provides another payment gateway option for easy credit card processing direct from IBM i.  Their CIM (Customer Information Manager) API documentation is published here http://www.authorize.net/support/CIM_SOAP_guide.pdf.


sugar SugarCRM.  SugarCRM provides a CRM (customer relationship management) application with various different editions.  A comprehensive developer guide is available as an introduction to basic CRM concepts and aids in providing familiarity with the Sugar system.  Check out the resources available here http://support.sugarcrm.com/02_Documentation/04_Sugar_Developer/.


SF 197 Salesforce.com.  Salesforce.com provides another CRM alternative and has been a leader in the CRM application development community for years.  With five “editions” now available to choose from, there is a solution available for businesses of all sizes.  Now on version 31, the complete SOAP API Developer’s Guide can be found here http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/.


magento Magento.  Magento Commerce is touted as “The most flexible enterprise-class platform to power your business”.  Offering both an Enterprise Edition and open source Community Edition, multiple deployment options exist to scale in line with your eCommerce business needs.  Complete documentation on their available SOAP web services is available here:  http://www.magentocommerce.com/api/soap/introduction.html .


ups UPS.  UPS provides many web service APIs for your business to gain real time insight into package shipments and deliveries.  Our KrengelShip module for RPG-XML Suite provides a tightly packaged toolset enabling RPG shops to quickly implement the most common web services available from UPS.  Web services include:

Address Validation
Time in Transit
Rating Requests
Package Shipping
Shipment Voids
ZPL Label Printing

View complete technical documentation here http://isupport.krengeltech.com/krengel_ship_for_ups/start.


fedex FedEx.  Similar to UPS, FedEx allows businesses to easily access shipping, rating, tracking and many other features via SOAP web services.  Their developer resource center provides information on various web services allowing you to compare shipping rates, compare transit times, create shipping labels, track the status of package shipments, process return shipments, and complete international shipping.  For more information visit http://www.fedex.com/us/web-services/webservices.html.


yellow Yellow Freight.  Now known as YRC Freight, Yellow Freight APIs help you seamlessly integrate LTL shipping data into your core business applications.  Available APIs include the Terminal Location API, Tracking API, Rate Quote API, and Document API.  Documentation on these and more can be found here http://yrc.com/api/.


Taxcloud TaxCloud.  TaxCloud provides a FREE sales tax calculation web service interface.  By leveraging the TaxCloud API you’re able to access sales tax tables which appropriately calculate sales tax AND REMIT SALES TAX APPROPRIATELY based on product attributes, geographic locations, and more.

For more information visit https://taxcloud.net/.



Experian.   Experian provides data quality services for both postal addresses and email addresses.  With Experian data services you can validate your address data is accurate BEFORE populating internal databases.  Postal address validation tools facilitate the standardization of data to USPS specs, appending of ZIP + 4 data as well as the correction of spelling and formatting errors.  Find out more at http://www.qas.com/products.htm.


strikeiron Strikeiron.  Strikeiron offers a Foreign Exchange Rates Web Service which provides both current (updated every 30 minutes) and historical foreign exchange rates for 160 different currencies.  Rates are quotes in either U.S. dollars per foreign currency unit or in foreign currency units per U.S. dollar.

For more information visit http://www.strikeiron.com/product-list/tax-currency/foreign-exchange-rates/.



Paypal.  Paypal provides a collection of classic APIs and REST APIs that facilitate simple payment transactions using PayPal or credit cards. Classic APIs provide for more complex payment transactions including subscriptions.

Check out detailed documentation for the API of choice here https://developer.paypal.com.



Descartes.  Descartes provides an easy and affordable way to plan, optimize, dispatch routes, track, and monitor delivery fleets in real time.  It optimizes both static routes and dynamic routes to maximize efficiency by taking into account geographic zones, time windows and other physical constraints when planning delivery fleets.  Listen to Shari Wiseman, current RPG-XML Suite customer, elaborate here https://www.descartes.com/documents/video-american-hotel-register-shari-wiseman.

While the list above is intended to present a small sampling of known successful implementations, rest assured that RPG-XML Suite can facilitate any XML web service communication needs you have on IBM i not listed above.

For a review of your specific requirements including the implementation of a free proof of concept, contact us today!