RPG-XML Suite will Save you Time


Major project deadlines and a whole team relying on your expertise is just another day at the office for you.

You can code all day and all night. We get it.

But eventually your fingers get tired.  Your neck gets stiff.  You get that pain between your shoulder blades and what’s worse – there’s no one around to rub it.

And it’s then you realize:

  • Coding from scratch isn’t what it’s cracked up to be
  • Depending on open source toolsets has let you down and subjected your company to support availability risk
  • It’s time to ditch the Red Bull, obtain the right toolset, and start your next project 75% of the way there

And that’s our goal with RPG-XML Suite.

A tightly-packaged XML toolset for the IBM i RPG developer, RPG-XML Suite removes the pain and learning curve for both the novice and the “seasoned” RPG programmer.z

Stop trying to figure out what you can get natively out of IBM i.

Stop playing around with open source.

Stop trying to piece together an XML communication process that meets the needs of your business partner.

Simply send your XML requirements to sales@krengeltech.com with a brief explanation of your needs.  That’s it.  One of our developers will implement a free proof of concept and show you how RPG-XML Suite can remove your pain.

Red Bull – it’s time for a “<br>”.

Contact Us for more information on RPG-XML Suite.