RPG-XML Suite will Help your Team

So you’re a CIO, I.T. Director, Application Development Supervisor, or reside in a role of similar responsibility.

You manage a team of Developers, Analysts, and System Administrators.

Business requirements and trading partners change frequently which effect the technology landscape you’re responsible for.

When it comes to technology – you can typically either buy or build:  Buy technology to facilitate communication and business process requirements of a trading partner, or build the overall infrastructure and application layer internally to support the needs of the business.

RPG-XML Suite has been developed understanding that’s a choice you have to make.

In most company development environments, new programming initiatives and change requests for existing systems typically aren’t lacking.  Your staff has plenty to do, and not enough hours in the day to do it.  Business users within the company ask for status updates and ETA’s regularly and typically don’t understand “why it’s not that simple”.

With RPG-XML Suite in the tool belt of your development team, it can be that simple.

Your RPG development team won’t need to start from scratch.

Your RPG development team won’t have to learn all the idiosyncracies associated with implementing web service XML communications as well as the common pitfalls and inefficiencies associated with attempting to wade through the mud puddles for the first time.

RPG-XML Suite has been tightly packaged to alleviate all of those.

So save your development time.  Empower your people.  Get more projects across the finish line before business users have time to ask for a status update.

Request your FREE Proof of Concept today and be up and running ASAP with that new web service from your business partner.  And while you’re at it, create a web service of your own and allow your trading partners access to the real-time data from your IBM i they’ve been waiting for.