To download a trial of RPG-XML Suite, describe your project’s vision and goals via our Proof of Concept form, and we will get back to you.

If you are a currently licensed RPG-XML Suite customer, fill out our Contact Us form, and we will get back to you.

Follow our instructions here to install RPG-XML Suite on your IBM i.

Our RPG-XML Suite Standard Support Plan includes two hours of support per month, billed in .25 hour increments, from 8am – 5pm CST, Monday through Friday.

All support plan policies cover RPG-XML Suite licenses that are managed by Krengel Technology Inc. under a purchased support plan. Any software for which a support plan has not been renewed is not covered by this support plan. Expired software maintenance may be renewed by purchasing support from the date of expiration.

Cost varies based on the number of partitions to be licensed for RPG-XML Suite. Please contact us for more information and a personalized quote.

RPG-XML Suite licenses are available for DR/HA systems at a discounted rate. Please contact us to request a quote.

As of v. 3.4x, RPG-XML Suite can be run on IBM i OS 7.1 and above.


When using RXS, you may encounter a SSL handshake or SSL peer certificate error; these error messages indicate that you do not have the required SSL certificate authorities on your IBM i. In order to add the current, required certificates, follow these instructions here.

In order to transfer your RXS license to a different IBM i or logical partition, follow the steps here, and email your response information to

To upgrade either a single or multiple libraries to the most recent version of RXS, follow the instructions here.

To compose XML data using an RXS template, follow these tutorial steps here…

… using these commands …

… and utilizing these subprocedures:

To parse XML data using an RXS parsing subprocedure, follow these tutorial steps here…

… using these commands…

… and utilizing these subprocedures:

To parse JSON data using RXS, use this command…

  • Build Parsing Subprocedure (BLDPRS)
… and these subprocedures: