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Your questions about RPG-XML Suite, answered

Entering the world of APIs is no small task, and it becomes much easier when you are equipped for the job. You can rely on RPG-XML Suite’s support team to help you make the most of your web services. Feel free to contact us for general inquiries and further education on RXS.

General Questions

General FAQs

The best way to try a RPG-XML Suite is through the Proof of Concept request form. Feel free to include any thoughts or technicalities involved with your web service, and we’ll let you know if RXS can accomplish what you’re looking for.

Your RPG-XML Suite License and Maintenance Agreement entitles you to two full hours of support per month, billed in .25 hour increments. Available support hours are from 8AM – 5PM CST, Monday through Friday (excluding US Holidays). Please see the Support page for more details.

The price for an RPG-XML Suite License, as well as it’s accompanying Maintenance agreement, is based on the number of licenses partitions using RXS. For pricing enquiries, more detailed information, and a personalized quote, please contact us here.

RPG-XML Suite licenses are available for DR/HA systems at a sizable discounted rate. For pricing enquiries and general questions, please contact us here.

RPG-XML Suite’s main features fall under four categories used in web service workflows: Offering, Calling, Creating, and Parsing web service data. These four powerhouse toolkits can help you accomplish almost anything you will need as an RPG / IBM i developer.

To learn more, we suggest checking out this page for some of Krengeltech’s history. If you would like to learn more about RPG-XML Suite, look here for a changelog. To learn more about RXS documentation, check out the documentation site here.

In all likelihood, yes. RPG-XML Suite is centered around creating new features, while ensuring backwards compatibility. Because of this, RXS can run on a range of operating systems, from 7.1 to 7.4.

How do I do ________ with RPG-XML Suite?

RPG-XML Suite is packed to the brim with useful functions, tools, educational content, and more. Look below for an in-depth breakdown of RXS features based on their solution categories, with links to various examples, subprocedures, utilities, and tutorials; you’ll soon see that RXS brings a package solution to IBM i web services. We strive to cover all of your RPG essentials when it comes to API communication, so contact us here if you have any features in mind you would like to see developed.

Calling Web Services

Offering Web Services

Testing Web Services

Creating JSON and XML

Parsing JSON and XML

Other Features

Other Utilities

SSL Configurations