XML and JSON Composition


How often do you need to compose XML and JSON data in order to communicate with a web service, writing out tags and objects over and over again? Manual entry can be a pain, and is prone to errors. What if you could improve that process, and maintain data integrity along the way? With RPG-XML Suite’s XML template composition and JSON composition APIs, you can do just that.


XML has been around since the 70’s, and it’s still going strong – many desktop applications and web services use XML for data interchange. RPG-XML Suite helps you leverage this format with accuracy and speed.


JSON is the new kid on the block – though not that new. It’s been around since 2001, and has gained a lot of traction over time. RPG-XML Suite’s JSON APIs let you use this industry-wide format from within an RPG program.

XML Template Composition

  • Utilize the powerful RXS template engine
  • Turn tags into variables, and section out parts of your document for fast data manipulation and recreation
  • Easily repeat sections of your XML documents
  • Utilize convenient XML automation and code generation tools – BLDTPL & CRTRPGTPL

JSON Composition APIs

  • Compose structured JSON arrays and objects
  • Specify composition by data type – Boolean, Null, Number, and String
  • Create complex JSON from within your programs

With RPG-XML Suite, you’ll easily generate XML and JSON in native RPG, saving your business both time and money.

By purchasing RPG-XML Suite, our team will provide you with two hours of monthly support to help educate you and troubleshoot issues holding back your program’s development. Check out our documentation site to learn more about XML template composition, or our blog post here which highlights the capabilities of JSON composition.

Do you want to compose XML and JSON with RPG-XML Suite, but need to test it out first?

We can help.

We offer a FREE, no-commitment proof of concept to new customers interested in RXS, giving you an opportunity to try our software and see if it fits your business needs. Simply click the button below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, further hashing out your project requirements and developing a timeline to completion.