Handling XML Reserved Characters

One of the more common support questions we receive from RPG-XML Suite users is: How can I use XML reserved characters in my XML request or response? The following XML produces parsing errors: <CompanyName>Smith &... Read More

Processing Unicode Natively with RPG-XML Suite

One of the design goals for our newest version of RPG-XML Suite was to allow for smoother handling of character sets, also referred to as CCSID’s.  We’ve seen that many developers are communicating with systems... Read More

Striking it Big with StrikeIron Web Services

In a recent customer survey, StrikeIron was mentioned as a leading business partner that RPG-XML Suite users utilize.  StrikeIron offers many web services you can take advantage of to enrich and improve the quality of... Read More

Understanding cXML

Occasionally we receive questions asking whether RPG-XML Suite handles cXML. While the answer is “Yes!”, this post is intended to provide some background information about just what cXML consists of, and how it compares and... Read More

SOAP, WDSL, HTTP, XSD? What the?

SOAP, WDSL, HTTP, XSD? What the?

Man alive, this web services stuff is confusing! Every time I turn around, I hear about a new acronymn that is supposed to somehow fit into the so-called next generation of communication. The number of... Read More