New! Compiled Templates for RPG-XML Suite

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Change (or in this case, updates) can be so, so good! Beginning with v3.0 of RPG-XML Suite, Krengeltech has introduced a new and improved method to create XML in RPG via a template. We like to call this new method “compiled templates” and it has some great advantages: Accessing the IFS at run time is eliminated […]

Address Validation with RPG-XML Suite

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When your business depends on shipping and mailing, a lot rides on the accuracy of your address data. Fortunately, many of the biggest names in the shipping industry offer address validation web services, and RPG-XML Suite

Verifone & Ingenico EMV Chip Card Terminals with IBM i

Ingenico Payment Terminal with Card

As of October 1, 2015 the Payment Networks’ liability shift has officially been in effect. For businesses that accept magstripe credit cards, this means that the liability for accepting fraudulent transactions has officially shifted from the bank to you. That’s a big deal. Credit cards traditionally have come with a magstripe which is “swiped” to […]

Rest easy with full REST web service support in RPG-XML Suite 3.2

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RPG-XML Suite Version 3.2 Officially Released Since the January 2014 introduction of the new RXS3 API and its improvements, our RPG-XML Suite customers have continued to make suggestions for even more features and new functionality. At Krengeltech we embrace these suggestions to allow developers to leverage their existing RPG skills and couple them with newer, […]

Implementing Level II and Level III Credit Card Data on IBM i

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When I use my credit card, I don’t give a second thought to the data being passed every time I swipe it.  I know the funds are going to be sent to the company I’m doing business with, and I’m on the hook to pay for it.  In every transaction I’ve made using my credit […]

Consume Web Services

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Web services are provided by many of todays most popular business partners –, Fed Ex, UPS,, eBay and Google are some – just to name a few.  Various eCommerce platforms, credit card processors, and many other trading partners provide easy access to data you can leverage within your daily business operations and applications. […]

100% RPG. No Java required.

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The good news for modern day developers:  there are many choices for providing solutions to today’s business computing challenges. The bad news:  with so many choices it’s far too easy to end up with a mishmash of technologies to learn and maintain.  While sometimes that outcome (and the extra cost that comes with it) is […]

Simplified Integrations in RPG. Increased Reliability.

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The number of software solutions available today can be overwhelming.  It seems as if someone in the user community is asking about a new software solution on a daily basis.  Often these are cloud-based HTTP solutions, which can be a good thing in many ways but still leave this question unanswered: How do I integrate this […]

A powerful and flexible API

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The RPG-XML Suite API was designed from the ground up to allow the IBM i web services developer to perform all the tasks commonly encountered in a web services environment. Composing, parsing and transmitting JSON and XML to potentially thousands of web services gives the IBM i developer powerful capabilities that can’t possibly be achieved […]