RSA Insurance Ireland chooses RPG-XML Suite to automate bank transactions via XML

RSA Insurance Logo on Wall

RSA is the largest and fastest growing insurer in the Republic of Ireland – offering a large range of commercial and personal lines of insurance channeled through a network of insurance brokers and partners.  RSA Ireland is supported by 850 staff members and delivers insurance solutions to over 800,000 Irish customers. Faced with standardizing automated […]

RPG-XML Suite and Jobvite – HR Recruitment on IBM i

Jennie-O Logo

Recently, we worked with the Jennie-O company, who had a desire to improve the overall processes of publishing jobs and recruiting candidates for new job postings through their web site . The core goal was to improve efficiencies by preventing repeated data entry and make it easier for both internal employees and external candidates to […]

Measuring your Carbon Footprint with RPG-XML Suite and Google

Black Carbon Footprint Mark

I’m not very green. The truck I drive leaves a relatively Big-Footish 13 mile per gallon carbon footprint along my typical drive to Minneapolis or Mankato. The local garbage service only picks up one dumpster at the end of my driveway (which unfortunately does not contain a recycling canister). And there are regularly way too […]