Address Validation with RPG-XML Suite

When your business depends on shipping and mailing, you have a lot riding on the accuracy of your customer-reported address data. Fortunately, many of the biggest names in the shipping industry offer address validation web services, and Krengel Technology’s RPG-XML... Read More

New! Compiled Templates for RPG-XML Suite

Change (or in this case, updates) can be so, so good! Beginning with v3.0 of RPG-XML Suite, Krengeltech has introduced a new and improved method of composing XML via a template. We like to call... Read More

Parsing JSON with RPG-XML Suite 3.3

With the release of RPG-XML Suite version 3.3, Krengel Technology is bringing JSON to the IBM i. JSON is becoming increasingly popular in web service communication, and we are eager to help our customers take... Read More