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Confused about your XML alternatives for IBM i?
With RPG-XML Suite, the answer is CLEAR!

  • Compose, transmit, and parse XML easily
  • Call or consume web services on other machines
  • Offer web services easily on your iBM i
  • Use code generators for FAST implementations
  • Compatible with SOAP and REST web services

  • Full support for 16 MB in-memory variables
  • Base 64 encoding for binary file transmission
  • Full UTF-8 international character support
  • Encryption for sensitive data transmission
  • No Java. No Websphere. 100% RPG. No additional hardware, software, or technology necessary

Have specific XML requirements to implement?

Call us at 800-KRENGEL (800-573-6435). We will clearly present how and if RPG-XML Suite can meet your requirements. If custom programming or professional services is required, our development team can take your project from beginning to end.

Customer Sampling:

10 different ways our customers utilize XML on the IBM i.

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